Over 170 delegates from 52 countries came together online on December 1, 2022, to hear about global trends in pensions and retirement research. Video recordings are available online.

The online session was part of the 30th Colloquium of Pensions and Retirement Research and sponsored by the International Pension Research Association (IPRA) – a new international organisation established with the aim of improving the quality and impact of research on pensions and related ageing issues to optimise social and economic outcomes for an ageing world. CEPAR Deputy Director Professor Hazel Bateman is the inaugural IPRA President and epresentatives of CEPAR, the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS), Netspar at Tilburg University, the Pension Research Council at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, WTW, and the OECD are members of the IPRA Executive Committee.

The first session focused on pension decisions and was chaired by CEPAR Director Scientia Professor John Piggott. Presenters included:

The second session, on retirement and adequacy, was chaired by Bas Werker, Professor of Finance and Econometry at Tilburg University, Netspar. Speakers included: 

The third session focused on pension finance and choice architecture and was chaired by Associate Professor Katja Hanewald who is a CEPAR Associate Investigator and Director of Research of the Ageing Asia Research Hub at UNSW Sydney. Presenters included:

Professor Hazel Bateman chaired the final session, focused on old age security. Speakers included: 

Professor Bateman also delivered the closing remarks and said that IPRA has a range of membership options available for individuals and organisations, which are available on the IPRA website at iprassn.org.

Find the full list of speakers and agenda here.

Video recordings of the presentations are available below (where speakers provided their consent to be recorded).


CEPAR has recorded parts of the presentation talks (excluding the Q&A discussions) if presenters provided their consent to be recorded. Please watch the video recording below or on CEPAR's YouTube channel. For the order of presentations, please view the program schedule.